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'Melancholy Melodies & Stolen Memories' by Sunshine Playroom

Sunshine Playroom – Melancholy Melodies & Stolen Memories

Persephonic Audio

A little sprinkling of colour to awaken our memories

Lehi – Shut The Door

The second single from solo artist Lehi

epic45 – You’ll Only See Us When The Light Has Gone

Wayside & Woodland Recordings

2024 gets off to a bang with the new album from epic45

There Will Be Fireworks – Interview (January 2024)

A deep dive into There Will Be Fireworks’ new album ‘Summer Moon’

Paul’s Albums Of The Year 2023

Paul’s Top 10 for 2023

There Will Be Fireworks – Summer Moon

The Imaginary Kind

There Will Be Fireworks have done something which many bands are simply unable to – they’ve crafted an entire album.

Sunshine Playroom – The Old Railway Track

Persephonic Audio

This is an album which feels like it opens a door to the past.