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First Glances – SCENIUS

cross channel electronics with an 80s retro vibe

Sub-Ed’s Top 100 Albums Of The Decade

10 years in the making …

The Indie Dad’s Albums Of 2019

Another eclectic writer top ten here.

Neil Meehan’s Albums Of 2019

Another of our writer lists

Tim Clarke’s Albums Of 2019

Latest of our writer listings.

Sub-Ed’s Tracks Of The Year 2019

With Spotify playlist …

Paul Lockett’s Albums Of 2019

Another of our writer lists.

Editors Albums Of 2019

My own Top 10. Some videos and some extra cuts.

Sub-Ed’s Albums & EPs Of The Year 2019

Do you agree?

First Glances – Știu Nu Știu

Swedish darkness

First Glances – Teen Idle

Jersey dreampop.

Tasting Notes 2020

Our tips for the year to come …

First Glances – Hostile Tribes

Our First Glances series continues … and pass the peace pipe, these Hostile Tribes are open to trade.

2019: Half-Term Report

Assessing the year so far … Spotify playlist included!

First Glances – Twin Dive

Danish alt rock.

First Glances – L. D. Moses

More top post-punk outta Leeds. There must be something in the rainwater.

First Glances – Ummagma

eclectic dreampop duo

Book – James Norman – Micro Record Label (Brian Records)

How to run a label

First Glances – Why Sun

“sleepy noise” from Denmark

Book – Cries And Whispers

The ‘post breakup’ careers of the members of Japan.