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Paul Lockett’s Albums Of 2019

Another of our writer lists.

Editors Albums Of 2019

My own Top 10. Some videos and some extra cuts.

Sub-Ed’s Albums & EPs Of The Year 2019

Do you agree?

First Glances – Știu Nu Știu

Swedish darkness

First Glances – Teen Idle

Jersey dreampop.

Tasting Notes 2020

Our tips for the year to come …

First Glances – Hostile Tribes

Our First Glances series continues … and pass the peace pipe, these Hostile Tribes are open to trade.

2019: Half-Term Report

Assessing the year so far … Spotify playlist included!

First Glances – Twin Dive

Danish alt rock.

First Glances – L. D. Moses

More top post-punk outta Leeds. There must be something in the rainwater.

First Glances – Ummagma

eclectic dreampop duo

Book – James Norman – Micro Record Label (Brian Records)

How to run a label

First Glances – Why Sun

“sleepy noise” from Denmark

Book – Cries And Whispers

The ‘post breakup’ careers of the members of Japan.

Preview: What Do You Call That Noise? – An XTC Discovery Book

New book on XTC

2018 Artists Picks – Marty Willson-Piper

Exhaustive list from The Church and All About Eve alumni.

2018 Artists Picks – Burning House

Continuing our series of Artists picks.

2018 Artists Picks – Moist

Continuing our series of Artists picks.

2018 Artists Picks – HOLYGRAM

Continuing our series of Artists picks.

The Indie Dad’s Albums of 2018

More from our writer team