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Interview. Klammer, by Beauty In Chaos.

Peer Darkwave/post-punk bands interview each other. Part Two of Two.

Interview – Beauty In Chaos, by Klammer.

Peer Darkwave/post-punk bands interview each other. Part One of Two.

Interview – Whispering Sons

Atmospheric post punk act from Brussels.

Interview: Colin Macintyre, Mull Historical Society

A chat about the release of new album Wakelines.

Interview – A.R. Kane (now Jübl)

A chat with Rudy Tambala.

Interview – City Calm Down

We talk to the Aussie synthpop act.

Interview: The Slow Readers Club

Finding out about the new album, out today.

Interview – Suitable Victims

Eric Benac gets with the acoustic rock ensemble.

Interview: Nick Prol & The Proletarians

Eric Benac cross-examines the Cardiacs mega-fan.

Black Swan Lane: An Album Retrospective.

In depth album retrospective, interview and buying guide

Interview with Oskar’s Drum

We speak to Patrick Fitzgerald and Yves Altana.

Interview with Home Assembly Music

“we just think “What would Factory have done?”, and there’s usually some kind of ridiculous money-losing idea.”

Interview: Austin Brown, Parquet Courts

Austin Brown explains the meaning behind the band’s new album Human Performance.

Interview – Cornelia

Paul Lockett speaks with the singer-songwriter on the eve of her album release.

Interview: Cian Ciaran/Zefur Wolves

Grabbing a few mins with a Super Furry Animal.

Interview with Jim Norman (Brian Records)

In depth with the head of the home baked record label.

Interview – The Black Lamps

Interview with the surprise act of the year so far.

Interview – KiZiLOK.

We talk to Andy Clegg of KiZiLOK

Interview – Black Sun Ensemble/ Cobracalia

Following his album review, jonathan Levitt interviews bandmember Eric Johnson on both BSE and new project Cobracalia.

Interview: The Sunshine Underground

[sic] catch up with the former punk-funkers on the eve of the release of their new album …