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Crisopa – Transhumante

Sound In Silence

‘lovingly made’ electronica


The Society – The Night Ship EP


The Danse Society…reincarnated.

taraking - Copy

Tara King th. – Stellar Fantasies

Moon Glyph

In space there’s little to grab hold of.

henrytherabbit - Copy

Henry The Rabbit – Abraham’s Sausage Pot

Moon Glyph

“just the sort of act that could seemingly pull himself out of a magician’s hat”

ivymeadows - Copy

Ivy Meadows – Zodiac

Moon Glyph

New Age just evolved into the Future.

prettiesteyes - Copy

Prettiest Eyes – Pools

Castle Face

“a proper rock “n” roll band for any age as, whatever sex and drugs smell like on their planet, these guys reek of it!”


Black Swan Lane – Under My Fallen Sky

Wanderland Recordings.

True and worthy successors to The Chameleons.


Various Artists – To The Outside Of Everything

Cherry Red

A Story Of UK Post-Punk 1977-1981


Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – Rot

Agitated/R.I.P. Society

“the sort of fellas you need in your life both literally and musically.”

ocs - Copy

OCS – Memory Of A Cut Off Head

Castle Face

Thee Oh Sees sounding like Radiohead, David Bowie and medieval folk all on the same LP? What is the world coming to?!


To Destroy A City – Go Mirage


Chicago post-rock with a side order of vocals.

amor - Copy

AMOR – Higher Moment / Amnesia

Night School

“breaking down walls to allow the flow to access off-limits melodies and pool around deep wells of melancholy”

dorsal - Copy

Bing & Ruth – Dorsal EP


“as big as a recital hall and yet as intimate as one’s own heartbeat”

WG_MLD - Copy

White Gourd – Magician Le Diable

Psychic Sounds

“Don’t fall asleep to this one; you might never wake up.”


Feather Beds – Blooming

Moderna Records

impossibly dreamy washes of guitars

cover (1)

Oliver Cherer – The Myth of Violet Meek

Wayside and Woodland

Girls….and bears.


Yellow6 – About The Journey

Sound In Silence

Ambient guitar master returns.

flatworms - Copy

Flat Worms – S/T

Castle Face

“sometimes doing the simple things right is hard and Flat Worms make it look easy”

a3003058594_10 (1)

Ella Atlas – The Road To Now


“surf-infused dream-pop”

bleedingeyes - Copy

White Manna – Bleeding Eyes

Cardinal Fuzz/Agitated

“White Manna and their Bleeding Eyes are almost supernaturally good.”