[sic] Magazine


Volksempfänger – Attack Of Sound

Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube

“ten impeccable record-collection mash-ups”

Feral Family – Without Motion

Blush Response

the latest wave of post-punk is a dark one

Lehi – Shut The Door

The second single from solo artist Lehi

The Umbrellas – “fairweather friend”


happy when it rains?

epic45 – You’ll Only See Us When The Light Has Gone

Wayside & Woodland Recordings

2024 gets off to a bang with the new album from epic45

Allman Brown – Second Son (Part One) EP


folk inspired, soulful pop balladry

The Veldt – Illuminated, 1989

Little Cloud Records / 5BC Records

Long overdue release for the lost dreampop album created with Robin Guthrie.

Hessien – The Alchemist

Sound In Silence

a journey through static and haze

Black Swan Lane – Dead Souls Collide


The best band that you don’t know? They just got better.

There Will Be Fireworks – Summer Moon

The Imaginary Kind

There Will Be Fireworks have done something which many bands are simply unable to – they’ve crafted an entire album.

Tasting Notes 2024

Our tips for the year to come …

Lasael – Foghorn EP

Ramber Records

Disciples of the reformed-Swans school of noise-rock … Foghorn is a near-religious experience”

JARR – 42°

their most minimal to date

One Little Atlas – Wayfarer

Ramber Records

“skilfully done top to bottom, a huge and luxurious achievement”

Sunshine Playroom – The Old Railway Track

Persephonic Audio

This is an album which feels like it opens a door to the past.

Carlton Melton – Turn To Earth


“a full 120-minute odyssey too that displays the full range of Carlton Melton material”

Catatonic Suns – S/T

Agitated Records

“A popular (but not “pop”) take on rock, suffocating shoegaze and psych”

PCM – Dreamland


as listenable as it is admirable

Woods – Perennial


“excellent new take on their summery psych-pop sound”

Tiger Lou – Acts


Code red for the Scandi noirs