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amp - Copy

AMP – Switched On And Live

Sound In Silence

“Maybe only God knows how AMP works, but not only does it, it’s downright electric in its execution too.”


Brave Timbers – Secret Hopes

Sound in Silence Records

If beauty were music…


The Workhouse – Now I Am On Fire


Interpol kin expand their reach.


Bvdub – Yours Are Stories Of Sadness

Sound in Silence Records

‘Delicate’ and ‘reflective’ new work from the ambient IDM master.


Spoon – Hot Thoughts


Tim Clarke tackles the new album.


Holygram – Holygram EP

Reptile Music

German Darkwave – you know you want it!

stranger - Copy

Former Bullies – Stranger

“Let this Stranger come into your home and heart and it may just never leave.”

Everything-Is-Forgotten - Copy

Methyl Ethel – Everything Is Forgotten


“a danceable and fun album of pure pop”


Damaged Bug – Bunker Funk

Castle Face

“a spacey album that dresses up choppy grooves in hand-made effects”

JupiterC_001 - Copy

Jupiter-C – 001 EP


“the spectre of roboticised post-punk too … balanced by ghostly vocal loops”

priests - Copy

Priests – Nothing Feels Natural

Sister Polygon

“we’re potentially sitting on a goldmine of great reactionary punk”


Akranes – Takeover Me EP

Ramber Records

“music for the hopelessly romantic, those perhaps no longer in a relationship but still entirely in love.”

blanksquare - Copy

Blank Square – Animal I

Castle Face

“Wave after wave of sax-punk lands like an ocean of well-manicured fists”


Fred Thomas – Changer


The artist that brought us the tremendous ‘All Are Saved’ album returns.

aquarianblood - Copy

Aquarian Blood – Last Nite In Paradise


“proof that two types of strange don’t make a straightforward”

Lamagaia - Copy

Lamagaia – S/T

Cardinal Fuzz / Ocean Sunrise Bender

“A countdown to oblivion, a countdown to infinity. Choose your poison.”

crackanegg - Copy

POW! – Crack An Egg

Castle Face

Synth-punkers deliver “a timely reminder to embrace life to the fullest and revel in its diversity”

bingruth - Copy

Bing & Ruth – No Home Of The Mind


“intellectually stimulating and passionately lovable in a single bound”

ether - Copy

Demian Castellanos – Ether

Cardinal Fuzz/Out Of Phase Frequencies

“reveals itself like a hidden level on some vintage platform game”


Mahatma X – A Mobtown Suite Vol. 1

Home Assembly Music

“Imagine .some fellas gathered in a small basement jazz club and none of them have played together before … this album would represent a faithful document of that night.”