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The Oscillation – The Start Of The End

All Time Low

“feels like tipping over the event horizon with nought but a smiling captain and entropy for company.”

'Melancholy Melodies & Stolen Memories' by Sunshine Playroom

Sunshine Playroom – Melancholy Melodies & Stolen Memories

Persephonic Audio

A little sprinkling of colour to awaken our memories

Universal Cell Unlock – Quasimodo The Streetsweeper

Psychic Sounds

There’s out-there and then there’s these Psychic Sounds

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Glasgow Eyes

Fuzz Club

a celebration of arch malingering

Hollywood Bedsheets – We Aren’t Who We Are

Hit the road with this Ameri/Belgian, indie quartet.

Diamond Day – Connect The Dots


putting the D into Dreampop

Meatbodies – Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom

In The Red

“broadens its church to embrace early 90s alt-rock”

The Blamers – Class Living


“on a mission to strip garage-rock back to its bare-bones”

Charles Moothart – Black Holes Don’t Choke

In The Red

“The man doesn’t just have serious history; the man is making history right now. “

Oestara / No Trophy – Split

Ramber Records

“Hazy afternoon sesh through to the streaking lights of the ride home from the afters”

Volksempfänger – Attack Of Sound

Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube

“ten impeccable record-collection mash-ups”

Feral Family – Without Motion

Blush Response

the latest wave of post-punk is a dark one

Lehi – Shut The Door

The second single from solo artist Lehi

The Umbrellas – “fairweather friend”


happy when it rains?

epic45 – You’ll Only See Us When The Light Has Gone

Wayside & Woodland Recordings

2024 gets off to a bang with the new album from epic45

Allman Brown – Second Son (Part One) EP


folk inspired, soulful pop balladry

The Veldt – Illuminated, 1989

Little Cloud Records / 5BC Records

Long overdue release for the lost dreampop album created with Robin Guthrie.

Hessien – The Alchemist

Sound In Silence

a journey through static and haze

Black Swan Lane – Dead Souls Collide


The best band that you don’t know? They just got better.

There Will Be Fireworks – Summer Moon

The Imaginary Kind

There Will Be Fireworks have done something which many bands are simply unable to – they’ve crafted an entire album.