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The Age Of Anxiety - Copy

Pixx – The Age Of Anxiety


Despite struggles with consistency, The Age Of Anxiety is a collection of “smart, modern electro-pop”


Miwon – Jigsawtooth


Here Come The Cool Jets


Joel Silbersher – No Teeth 7”


Melbourne veteran delivers first solo material in around 15 years.

dreammachine - Copy

Dream Machine – The Illusion

Castle Face

“The Doors hitting muscle beach with Marc Bolan just for kicks.”

bootchytemple - Copy

Bootchy Temple – Childish Bazar

Howlin’ Banana/Hellzapoppin’ Records

Minimal jangle-pop that doesn’t have “a care in the world”

John Moreland - Big Bad Luv - Copy

John Moreland – Big Bad Luv


“a record carved from Badlands rock, weathered and gnarled yet still standing in the face of all that has been thrown at it … so far”

Woods-Love-Is-Love - Copy

Woods – Love Is Love


“How many Woods albums does the average fan have? All of them including this one.”

cfm-dichotomy - Copy

CFM – Dichotomy Desaturated

In The Red

“Moothart’s best defense has always been offense”

hornurkarken - Copy

The Janitors – Horn Ur Marken

Cardinal Fuzz

“these Janitors have the keys to the gates of hell”


Desperate Journalist – Grow Up

Fierce Panda

Hang the DJ.

mtmountaindust - Copy

Mt. Mountain – Dust

Cardinal Fuzz

“the sort of tape you might find wedged in the deck of the Mars Rover”


Suitable Victims – Broken Pieces

Drooling Class Records ‎

“70s influenced” guitar band

adeleh_civilization_cover_online - Copy

Adele H – Civilization

Psychic Sounds / Obsolete Recordings

A super-soulful album “in some ways millennia old and in others cutting edge”.


Nick Prol and the Proletarians – Loon Attic


‘a fun and entertaining album that will delight any Cardiacs fan’

warmsoda - Copy

Warm Soda – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Castle Face

“may be drawing the curtain on Warm Soda as a band, but it more than ensures they’ll stay forever young”

TaraJaneONeil - Copy

Tara Jane O’Neil – S/T


“verdant neo-folk taken out to the prairie to lay back and simply watch the clouds roll by”

Future Islands - The Far Field - Copy

Future Islands – The Far Field


The aftermath of Letterman and heartbreak.

power - Copy

Power – Electric Glitter Boogie

In The Red

“a throwback to the late 60s/early 70s in some regards, the crustiest parts of the early 80s in others.”


DREISSK – To Nowhere


post-industrial IDM

exaltedking - Copy

The Cosmic Dead – The Exalted King

Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern Records

“Soundtrack this in a planetarium with a decent laser show and you’d pay good money to experience it time and again.”