[sic] Magazine


AZ – Doe or Die II

Quiet Money

low key gem from the Brooklyn rapper

Black Swan Lane – Hide In View


congratulations, you just discovered your latest favourite band

American Cream Band – Dark Hemisphere

Moon Glyph

“Dark Hemisphere may be far out but, in an alien kind of way, it’s almost welcoming too.”

The Institutes – Colosseums

42’s Records

Colossal debut from Britains best new band.

The Oscillation – Untold Futures

All Time Low

“It’s no small step forward either; it’s a giant leap into the uncharted for the artist.”

Stray Theories – This Light


understated and beautiful ambient release

Meatbodies – 333

In The Red

“Ubovich is at his best when letting rip with face-melting fuzz”

Nolan Potter – Music Is Dead

Castle Face

“Music clearly isn’t dead, but Potter is one of those that believes punk definitely killed it.”

Mark Tester – Oblivion Rhythms Revisited

Moon Glyph

“an invite inside the inner circle, a portrait of the artist as a young man, a man today, and a man of the near future”


Ramber Records

“middle ground between melancholy New Wave electro and Balearic bangers”

ILUITEQ – The Loss of Wilderness


global warming themed ambiance

Julian Ross – fadeaway

Sound In Silence

warm ambience from port-royal founder member

The Limiñanas & Laurent Garnier – De Película

Because Music

“A hell of a trailer, the nostalgic De Película whets the appetite for a movie that’ll sadly never be.”

Amusement Parks On Fire – An Archaea

long awaited comeback album doesn’t disappoint

Bitcrush – Dead Corners (single)


Dazzling return for the gaze/post rock/electronica project.

Peter Jørgensen – ‘Brian Records Kickstarter EP’

Brian Records

Kickstarter campaign for post classical EP.

A Place To Bury Strangers – Hologram EP


“antisocial gloom colliding with Goth and metallic noise at high speed”

Winterlight – Gestural Abstractions


electronica take on the post-punk pop scene

Cubs – Rivers Of Amber/Frozen Waterfall

Rusted Rail Records

“an eclectic and uplifting collection of songs that genuinely describe organic Irish music.”

Firefriend – Dead Icons

Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud Records

“conflating many of the best guitar records in history with reverential glee”