[sic] Magazine


Sophia – Holding On / Letting Go

Flower Shop Recordings. P.I.A.S.

Another Sophia album and its another good one.

bvdub – Wrath and Apathy


Ultimately rewarding new album from ambient IDM master

Future Islands – As Long As You Are


“a good band not quite able or willing to become a great one.”

Lyndon Scarfe – Shoreline.


oceanic minimalism from Danse Society alumni

Asteroid No.4 – Northern Songs

“a strongly melodic, fuzzy delight start to finish” from the psyche veterans.


Kind Violence Records ‎

post punk finds its way back to Manchester

Osees – Protean Threat

Castle Face

“picking up this particular receiver always feels like listening in to some premium-charge sex-line”

Eternell – Imagined Distances

Sound In Silence

‘a stunning entry into the world of downtempo, ambient dreampop’

White Manna – ARC

Cardinal Fuzz/Centripetal Force

“a lot of their former feedback and fuzz further disappearing in the rear-view mirror, White Manna are now content to just jam it out”

[.que] – And Inside

Sound In Silence.

Warm, twinkly IDM from Tokyo.

Secret Drum Machine – Chuva

Moon Glyph

This “rhythmic work-out of a sophomore album draws its influence from insect sentience and ecological synesthesia, their music intended to evoke senses other than the auditory”

Cloud Factory – # 1 EP

Howlin' Banana

A surprisingly decent listen “influenced by indie-pop, post-punk and – don’t wince – Britpop”

Naujawanan Baidar – Volume 1&2

Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube

“A celebration of the intoxicating sounds of 1960s-80s Afghan cassette culture”

Sons Of Southern Ulster – Sinners And Lost Souls

HT/Avalanche Records

“You’d be hard pressed to find a record which better describes the feeling of 2020.”

Nest Egg – Dislocation

Acid Test Recordings/Little Cloud Records

“bleak kosmische staring down the barrel of hard-psych”

Bing & Ruth – Species


“a devotional drift that falls like heavy, silent snow”

Noveller – Arrow

Ba Da Bing

“going deep into laptop hymnal, it’s arguably her grandest yet.”

Brigid Dawson & The Mothers Network – Ballet Of Apes

Castle Face

“Ballet Of Apes is pretty cool the more you get to know it. Just don’t go expecting it to put out on the first date.”

Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings – Fishland

Moon Glyph

“Think music’s all out of ideas these days? Think again. Fishland is nothing if not unique.”

Munehiro Narita – Live P.S.F.

Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube Records

“Narita slays, his Live PSF a siren call for all absent gig-goers the world over.”