[sic] Magazine


port-royal – Flares, (15th Anniversary Remaster)


The legendary debut gets a remaster.

Ocoeur – Everything


Ambient IDM that urges us to live in the now.

Wasted Shirt – Fungus II

Famous Class

“Fungus II is the aural equivalent of tuning your engine by bouncing the revs off the limiter in second gear”

Waterless Hills – The Great Mountain

Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube

“lightly folk-inspired meandering of experimental psych mumblings.”

Dead Sea Apes – Night Lands

Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube

“Dead Sea Apes simply haven’t made the same album twice yet”

Iceblink – Carpet Cocoon

Moon Glyph

“an organic sound that draws from numerous sources to land some kind of babbling library-music exotica.”

The Janitors – Drone Head

Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud

“two dudes kicking back with some beers and a bong just looking to get their fuzz on”

The Cult Of Dom Keller – Ascend!

Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud

“dials everything up to eleven and blows the bloody doors off”

Million Brazilians – Urban Fossickated Octave

Feeding Tube

“some jazzy lounge band in an irradiated hotel bar on the outer rings”

Wil Bolton – Surface Reflections

Sound In Silence

meandering ambient from the specialist label

[retreat] – [retreat]


trance dance meets social disorder

Greet Death – New Hell

Deathwish Inc.

Michigan noise gazers on fire with sophomore.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – The Undivided Five

Ninja Tune

elegant ambient orchestral

Hôpital De La Conception – Electric Rockin’ Chair

Cardinal Fuzz/Opaque Dynamo/Feeding Tube

“a bluesy porch-dwelling freak-out plugged straight into the mains to fry”

Danny Scott Lane – Memory Record

Moon Glyph

“a measure of metronomic pop from deep within the most horizontal annals of library music”

Hollie Kenniff – The Gathering Dawn


Debut ambient solo venture.

Hammock – Silencia

Hammock Music

‘Hushed reflection’ from the acclaimed Nashville ambient act.

Mind Rays – Course Of Action


“a breathless set you’d be happy to catch live, but one which may leave you craving for more on record”

Psychic Sounds Ensemble – Sonic Fermentations

Psychic Sounds

“retro-futurist jungle-jazz heavy on hallucinogens”

Slow Meadow – Happy Occident

Hammock Music

ambient compositions from the Hammock Music label