[sic] Magazine


A Place To Bury Strangers – Hologram EP


“antisocial gloom colliding with Goth and metallic noise at high speed”

Winterlight – Gestural Abstractions


electronica take on the post-punk pop scene

Cubs – Rivers Of Amber/Frozen Waterfall

Rusted Rail Records

“an eclectic and uplifting collection of songs that genuinely describe organic Irish music.”

Firefriend – Dead Icons

Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud Records

“conflating many of the best guitar records in history with reverential glee”

Carlton Melton – Night Pillers


“A potted history of psychedelic jamming that … makes for quite the companion when the lights go out. “

Seasurfer – Zombies

Reptile Music

eighties infused dreampop with an icy synth edge

Collin Gorman Weiland – Now & Thus Suite

Moon Glyph

“An engaging and transportive dose of New Age ambience”

Low Island – If You Could Have it All Again.

Emotional Interference

soulful synthpop triumph

Landon Caldwell & Flower Head Ensemble – Simultaneous Systems

Moon Glyph

“Heightened-consciousness composition meeting inspirational improv”

Grave Flowers Bongo Band – Strength Of Spring

Castle Face

“whirlwind garage-psych decorated with pastoral flourishes, proto-punk abrasion and heavy Glam”

Dry Cleaning – New Long Leg


Oddball post-punk, “New Long Leg [is] a sensory weapon in waiting.”

Clark – Playground In A Lake

Deutsche Grammophon

‘astonishing’ neoclassical soundtrack to the end of the world

Nuke Watch – The Manhattan Project – Live In NY

Moon Glyph

“an out-there soundtrack rich in invention that sculpts a new NYC of the near future.”

Tune-Yards – sketchy.


sketchy seems put together from cutting room scraps, a using up of leftovers and as a consequence feels quite ordinary”

Henry The Rabbit, Béatrice Morel-Journel & Semay Wu – Songs Of The Marsh

Moon Glyph

“Art imitating art” to create a soundtrack all of its own.

Loner Deluxe – Field Recordings

Rusted Rail

diverse and eclectic set of songs from label head

Painted Shrines – Heaven And Holy


“lightly psychedelic dose of alt-folk-informed indie led astray by an undercurrent of distortion”

Timelash – A Morphology Of Wonders


“a clash of tribal exotica and otherworldly sci-fi tension”

Dead Sea Apes, Adam Stone & Black Tempest – Dataland

Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube

“like Kraftwerk directing some on-stage version of a Douglas Coupland novel”

Miss Grit – Impostor EP


Impostor is just too good as fitting in to really stand out.