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Reggae 90210 – Reggae 90210

Wondering what Colin McCann of vibra-drone folk outfit Lord Dog Bird and post-punk band Wilderness has been up to lately? It seems he has some new buddies and what’s certain is that they’ve been getting weird in the wilds. What does “surf music from people who live in the mountains” sound like? Well, for at least ten of Reggae 90210’s twenty-two minutes it comes on like mute Morricone scales, uplifting when spidery and doomed when going full dirge on sticky, soupy bass and percussion. Needless to say it doesn’t sound very reggae despite production coming courtesy from genre producer King Hopeton. Nope, the closest it gets is a uvularised dub of solemn hand-drums and Francesco Lanzisera’s digeridoo, the California-based trio’s five untitled instrumentals getting deep on drones and purposeful post-punk guitar noise elsewhere. Muscular cymbal smash varies the intensity while high-end shred cuts the tribal psychedelia in two most gruesomely. It bisects McCann’s personality nicely, two distinctly odd skins worn simultaneously … and suddenly Reggae 90210 makes sense.

~Reggae 90210 is out now on cassette via Moon Glyph.~