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Miss Destiny – S/T

Miss Destiny make proper rock music. No clever-clever sub-division required, the Melbourne band’s self-titled debut is trashy, abrasive, raw and real. It’s also delightfully devoid of bullshit; pedal to the metal throughout, it also locks on early and doesn’t let go. Comprised of a host of underground Aussie noise makers, most notably serrated vocalist Harriet Hudson of Siltbreeze stars Circle Pit, the all-female line-up flips Neanderthal proto-metal and Sunset Strip excess on its head, leather-clad Amazons dragging home their mates via marauding guitar parts. Studded with battle barbs and right on cue, “Double Headed Snake” smears its makeup with cheap cigarettes and cheaper whisky. It’s fast and aggressive music for dives and basements that tumbles into one another like a Zig Zags bar brawl.

One half of the band’s double AA side for HoZac survives in the form of “The One”, the ten-track LP’s newer material tougher still – something the band puts down to Emily Jans’ (Straightjacket Nation, Bloody Hammer) terrorising drum work, which was incidentally recorded – along with the new Straightjacket Nation LP – whilst very pregnant! Extending the atmosphere of positive feminism further, Hudson growls the killer line “I’m turning diamonds back into coal” on “The Girls”, a literal if chemical crushing of symbolic marital bonds. Miss Destiny don’t over play their hand though, sticking it to the Man rather than to men in general, helping ensure their fun record requires no blow-by-blow analysis. All the same it’s ironic that they come on for the most part like Ex Hex if those girls had balls. Don’t overthink it though; simply turn it up loud and enjoy.

Best track: “Killers”

~Miss Destiny is released October 21st 2016 via the collaborative efforts of RIP Society and Agitated.~