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First Glances – Nihilists

“I’ve been living in the wallspace.”

Nihilists were formed in Manchester in 2015 by former Puressence singer James Mudriczki, guitarist / programmer Steven Kelly and drummer / multi-instrumentalist John Patterson. The project seeks to blend James’ trademark emotive indie power with a more electronic palette. Early double A side single, ‘Wallspace’/’Over Is So Over’, showcases the band’s clear potential for urban cityscape soundtracks.

‘Wallspace’ updates JG Ballard to a 21st Century setting while ‘Over Is So Over’ makes a muscular companion piece to the quite stunning songs Mudriczki contributed to the Red Sided Garter Snakes Endless Sea (see review). It feels like an exciting re-birth for Jimmy’s music. An album will tell us more of course, but right now I’m put in mind of the earliest demos I heard for Minor Victories and that turned out rather well.

Guest guitars appear courtesy of Verve-legend Nick McCabe.

Endless Sea

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