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First Glances: DRIFTER

Monotonous, beautiful melancholy.

When the band Jeniferever decided to call time on their career, it was very difficult news to take. I felt as though I had a personal investment in that band. Their debut long player, Choose A Bright Morning, was the first record I specifically requested their label at the time, Drowned In Sound, to review.

It was majestic.

I reviewed all the Swedes’ subsequent albums, met the band in Antwerp and think of myself as fan rather than journalist in respect to them.

Good new then to hear than guitarist Martin Sandström is involved in a new project called DRIFTER. There isn’t an awful lot of information at this moment. I know Martin had been living in Kluj, Romania but DRIFTER have the Twitter handle @drifterstockholm so that’s a kind of clue he’s back in Sweden, I guess. Martin sent me a Soundcloud song marked ‘private’ so I really wish to respect that and will not reproduce ‘Brook Horse/I Am The Ocean’ here, save to say that it was fantastic. However ‘Until The End’ is available on YouTube and, I feel, adds a krautrock edge to the dreamy, post-rock of his first band. We will bring more news as we get it.

Something (a single) is rumoured to be released November 11th. Maybe that ‘private’ song. Let’s see.


Have a listen to ‘Until The End’:

Drifter Facebook

Rock Photo: MelleSan