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First Glances – Ealadha

Ealadha are a post-rock trio from Cork. They take their influences from a range of genres such as metal, alt-rock and ambient. I even get a hint of Folk Roots in the vocal intonation. At their quietest I’m reminded of groups like Yndi Halda and Immanu El. When they crank it up, it’s somewhere between God Is An Astronaut and Pelican.

Earlier this year Ealadha (pronounced elada in English or awe-la in Irish) slid out an EP entitled Limit Of Our Sight which deals with struggle, ambition and other aspects of the human condition. Listen to ‘Hurricanes’ below, now accompanied by the band’s very first video.

According to frontman/guitarist Dom Murphy, the band are currently at work on their debut album which will only see the light of day provided “there is enough interest”. Dom was even a bit surprised that I had discovered the band. Well, yes I have and now you have too.

Go, like, share, send messages of love. Ealadha are worth preserving.

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