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Interview – Suitable Victims

By Eric Benac

After listening to this promising debut EP by Suitable Victims, I sent Ryan States and Tom Goss a few questions about the band, including their influences, possible touring options, and to find an insight into their recording process.

I hope you enjoy the following interview:

So, who is involved in this project? Where is your home base?

Ryan: Three of us are in the Ringling band, touring coast to coast and living on the circus train. But as you may have heard Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey is permanently closing, after 146 non-stop years. The members of SV live in Portland, Hollywood, Cleveland, Nashville and Orlando.
In January Cameron Morgan released his cd with 19 Foot Trio. A project with Tim Lefebvre and Adam Gust.

Tom: – I’m Tom Goss. I’m a singer/songwriter and digital content creator based out of Los Angeles

Listening to this EP, you get the feel of a lot of different influences. Who were some bands you guys were inspired by and were you emulating anybody in particular?

Ryan: The Eagles, Dawes, Fleetwood Mac. I was inspired to put the group together after watching a couple of Dawes music videos.

Tom: – Personally, I’ve been influenced by a lot of different sounds over the last 15 years or so. Initially, I was obsessed with Dave Matthews, David Gray, Ben Folds, Jason Mraz but more recently I’ve taken to bands like M83, One Republic, Parrell, Macklemore, Bruno Mars, Childish Gambino, AWOLNATION, Twenty One Pilots and Ed Sheeran. I was listening to a lot of Bright Eyes when I wrote Portland and For Tonight was a Ray LaMontagne stage.

What was the production like on this album? Where was it recorded?


Ryan: Recorded by Shane Soloski at Blue Suede Studio (pictured) in Van Nuys. We booked the studio for two days, and played all of the songs together, in real time.
Mixed and produced by Marr Zimm.

Tom: I loved the process. We met and got to work immediately in Van Nuys, CA. Shane (the engineer) was chill and made the process move smoothly and effortlessly.

Are you guys touring or playing live in your area?

Tom: – I would definitely like to play these songs live!

Ryan: There are no plans currently, but we were invited to play at Circus World in Baraboo Wisconsin. We are focused now more on moving off of the circus train to our respective cites. Landon just became a proud father this week.

Will this record get a wider release? Where can it be purchased?

Ryan: The EP is available online at all of the major streaming and download sites. (links provided)

What is the next step for you guys? A full length? A tour?

Ryan: If I can get everyone in Nashville for two weeks, I think we could record another album and play a couple of shows.

How were some of the guitar effects achieved on this album? There was a lot of layering.

Ryan: Nick and Cameron did all of the electric guitars. Most overdubs were done by Cameron.

The lyrics seem very personal. Were they influenced by real-life events or are they more abstract and searching?


Tom: – Everything I write is personal. Honestly, I don’t know any other way to write. ‘Portland’ was written after a particularly arduous 12 weeks stretch of touring. As an indie songwriter my tours aren’t very glamourous. From 2009 – 2013 I put about 75,000 miles on my little Subaru Forrester chugging around the country. It’s not always pretty…
‘For Tonight’ is my perspective on short term intimacy (better known as a one night stand). As a writer and performer, my goal is always to connect, deeply and authentically. When it comes to intimacy, we are in such a vulnerable place, we often hold back the emotional and spiritual connection, making it purely physical. These are fear based actions that I believe are detrimental to human growth, or our soul for lack of a better word. Just because we open ourselves up and choose vulnerability, doesn’t mean it has to last more than the moment in which we are vulnerable with one another. My ideal world would be one where people could be open to more vulnerability and authenticity. If we did this I believe we would be more tender and understanding with one another.

Ryan sings songs written by friend, Devin Newmeyer who always writes from a very personal, autobiographical perspective.

Any encouraging words for bands looking to release their own album?

Ryan: Record live in the studio together if you can. There’s no substitute for that experience. It’s very satisfying.

Tom: – Find your voice. Be honest with yourself. Work your ass off!


[sic] Mag thanks Ryan and Tom them for taking the time to answer these questions in detail and to provide readers with an interesting look into this promising band. Photographs taken from the bands own gallery

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