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Nutopians – Fast Forward (3 track EP)

Not content with reviving the new wave/post-punk scene, Wearside’s Nutopians now resurrect the old ‘single’ format. Having already followed up their album with the Claustrophobia EP, they return with yet another truncated set containing two original new songs and a trademark classic cover. I have no inside intel on this, but it feels as though they’re teasing the next album. If Fast Forward and Claustrophobia are anything to go by it’s going to be a strong collection. In any case, teaser or not, this is a welcome ‘memory jogger’ to fans, as if they’re telling us “We’re still here and the next LP is going to be great”. Like a Hollywood trailer, we’re left feverishly awaiting the full thing.

The two original tracks here are terrific. ‘Fast Forward’ is the title and ‘lead’ track and again showcases a band who come from the same aural territories as the likes of Puressence and The Domino State but know their rock classics. Accompanying track ‘Delay The Day’ is too much of an ear-worm to ever be classified as b-side or filler. ‘California Dreaming’ needs no introduction (but gets one on this live cut).

No great stylistic shift here. No risks, just celebratory, anthemic alternative rock. Fast Forward feels like a holding pattern for Nutopians and I’m keen to see where they go from here. They could tighten up, ease the effects down and go full on mod/soulboy. Alternatively Verve/Oasis levels of arena rock feel within their grasp if they strive for it, if it’s where they want to go. For now they remain in the dream-poppier (that’s not a word is it?! Sorry) side of the post-punk revival, which is no bad thing in my book.

Another slice of heartfelt, honest new wave from Nutopians.


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