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Buffalo Fuzz – S/T

Buffalo Fuzz is a two piece band that produces a massive sound which you have to see to believe. Hard hitting blues and fuzz tones define the new release featuring two rocking singles, ‘Ain’t Seen a Cent’ and ‘Perfect Man’. Their live performances have lifted the band above the fray. Jared Zachary and Jake Allan have been blowing speakers for the last couple years with regular live performances, a US tour, and stops at SXSW. Jared is the singer, songwriter and guitarist; he runs his guitar through four amps with different effects chains to get massive Marshall, Fender Reverb and bass tones. The album was recorded and developed over the course of several years making music that can provide a killer live set. If you like psychedelic blues, stoner rock, and bands like The Black Keys this is for you. I was first introduced to this band on the Youtube channel Stoned Meadow of Doom where they have a quarter million views!

‘Perfect Man’ kicks it off in style with fuzz blues riffs reminiscent of The Black Keys but with more stoner rock attitude. The catchy chorus repeats, “You’re the perfect man in your head” backed by edgy growling guitars blasting through the speakers. ‘Round the Wheel’ stays true to form, starting with overdriven guitars energized vocals and a half-tempo-slow-groove percussion that begs the listener to rock. ‘Darkness Steals the Light’ gets down and dirty with grunge inspired vocals reminiscent of the late great Chris Cornell. The music is dynamic, starting with a calm single noted chromatic riff which then kicks-in with hard rock chords. This song has a really enjoyable blend of hard blues and grunge vocal styling. ‘Burning Down’ has a two guitar assault and the lyrics, “Why do we got to die just cuz’ somebody else lit the fire? The whole world is burning down.” The song has an expressive guitar solo which kicks in with plenty of fuzz on tap.

‘The War’ brings the stoner rock riffs in full. They finish it off with a sludgy landslide of blasting guitars and aggressive percussive vocal styling. ‘Locked and Loaded’ is filled with classic fuzz blues sounds and lyrics about a dangerous woman stating, “That woman is a weapon! Locked and loaded! Go ahead and shoot me down.” ‘Use Your Love’ takes their established sound into melodic territory and includes well placed vocal harmonies. The arpeggiated chords ring and support the vocal melody. It has a well considered progression which allows the sound to climb higher until a full chorus of voices pushes it through the glass ceiling. ‘Hard Lovin’ Body’ is a fast tempo song with sassy guitars, well timed starts and stops with screaming leads. Who doesn’t love that?

‘Ain’t Seen a Cent’ is arguably their heaviest song with undeniable stoner rock appeal. This song really reminds me of some of my favorite stoner rock bands like Dead Meadow. Jared sings, “The bitter root gives a sour taste” as the lyrics outline tragedy and struggle like the blues singers of old. The bonus tracks are only available through the CD or download. These songs give a deeper expressive feel to the album exposing the unsettled core at the heart of the compositions. ‘Darkness Reprise’ takes an unexpected turn using reverb soaked keys and heartfelt vocals about the struggles of keeping sanity in a dark world. Jared sings, “Darkness steals the light all the time.” ‘Losing the Game’ has a 12 string guitar and a clean sound with a dramatic progressions which builds tension. The lyrics come in raw and driven with a deep sense of honesty. Ending the album with a fat guitar solo.

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