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First Glances – Goodbye Berlin

Goodbye Berlin is the latest musical project of Danielle Stauss the original singer with The Lost Patrol. Since parting ways with the NJ act we’ve kept in contact and Danielle’s message to me contained the perfect press release soundbite:_

This is some new music I’ve been doing. Very accessible, jangle rock…nice bunch of dudes and fun to play live when we can.

Listening to Kinder, the first in a series of 3 EP releases I have to admit I’m impressed. I get the ‘jangle pop’ reference, particularly in the opening, title track. Goodbye Berlin are more than that though. There’s power and real emotional pull on ‘Without Words’. She’s doing something different with her voice as well. If not the voice then the vocal melodies. Weirdly, it reminds me of Twilight Singers in places in the sense that you have nineties infused power pop with an appreciation of rocks greater heritage. ‘On Your Own’, the climatic track here is particularly powerful.

A nice little showcase EP that puts Goodbye Berlin squarely in the ‘ones to watch’ bracket.