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Vibravoid – Triptamine E.P. Vol. 5

Light up a stick of incense and start soaking in the vibravoidal sounds. This is the essence of classic psychedelic rock with trippy guitar solos, vintage tones, improvisation and transcendent songs. The music is inspired by The Doors, Pink Floyd, Can, and Jefferson Airplane. Their albums are filled with slogans like “Love Not War” and “Love Is Freedom”. Their albums and concert flyers are covered in psychedelic art deco design with optics art. Everything here is classic psychedelia at its finest.

Triptamine EP Vol. 5 will have the listener transfixed by the incredible 60’s inspired psychedelic sounds and intense live performances. Vibravoid is at their best on the stage with light shows and dancing fans throwing their heads back in ecstasy. The guitars and solos feel authentic and in the moment. The sound quality and mix is very balanced with little crowd noise. Triptamine EP Vol. 5 is a limited edition of 1000 and comes with colorful plethora of memorabilia. Recorded live at Haus der Jugend, Neuss, Germany on March 5th, 2016. This album was released in June of 2016 on Stoned Karma Records.


The content of the album is largely instrumental accented with memorable vocal performances. In ‘Seefel’ they sing, “you are so beautiful you are so wonderful I’ve known it for all my life.” It highlights Love as something both earthly and spiritual. The whole band unites lifting each other higher into the golden clouds of paradise. Vibravoid is adept at improvisation and have a telepathic musical synchronization which never fails. The whole band seems to move as one even through deep experimental passages. No psychedelia is complete without hints of Eastern musical influences. ‘Colour Your Mind’ has a instrumental section with middle eastern modes. This section of music evokes images of a dark trance and mystical sensations.


‘Ballspeaker’ is a true psychedelic experimental jam clocking in at 22 minutes with both structured sections and free-form improvisation. It begins with tremolo leading to grinding riffs somewhat reminiscent of The Black Angels. Interestingly, ‘Ballspeaker’ was written in the 1990’s well before The Black Angels formed. In the last ten minutes the song go way far-out with wavering organ drones and effects filled guitar. The musical form breaks and a universe of strange flashing colored lights erupts complete with 60’s sci-fi alien laser technology. The song picks up to a revelatory pace and traditional musical structures reemerge from the cosmic ocean. The song builds until ending with an epic finale.

Vibravoid is a must have for fans of original British psychedelic music and spacey krautrock.

Vibravoid Triptamine E.P. Vol. 5
1. Colour Your Mind
2. Playing with Beuys
3. Seefel
4. Rheinflow
5. Ballspeaker



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