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First Glances – Paradise

‘Born in Oslo of a fortuitous meeting and instant connection, Paradise was formed out of a desire to inject the immediacy of explosive performance back into the social media-saturated, digitally obsessed modern world. Formed by Marianne Faithfull and Longview’s guitarist Robert McVey and Madrugada’s vocalist Sivert Høyem, after a meeting of minds at a bar in Oslo, the pair share a passion for the straight up, direct rock sounds that have been absent from the underground in recent years.

The rhythmic chops of PJ Harvey’s legendary drummer and arranger Rob Ellis were then enlisted alongside Simone Butler on bass – whose illustrious career has seen her working with a multitude of stadium filling acts.

Paradise is a darkly enigmatic proposition whose live performance strips back the social mores of the internet age, relying instead on simplicity and presence, and injecting the kind of release that can only be found in physical, explosive yet lyrical live music that has elements of alchemy in its delivery. The medium is the luxuriant sound of rock music in all its visceral joys; the message is resistance and anger, but also empathy and consolation. Decay is always under the surface of Paradise. The luxuriant canopy of a jungle is born of a rotting undergrowth.

Paradise’s forthcoming and self-titled debut EP is due for release October 27th 2017. With analogue aficionado John Agnello steering the production, who boasts a 25-year history of collaborations with artists such as Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr, all the tracks on the EP were faithfully recorded live to tape at the famous Monnow Valley studios in Monmouthshire (UK).’

The above is taken directly from the band’s own website. It’s a compelling opening statement but honestly, you had me at Sivert Høyem. I have loved that man’s music since the earliest days of Madrugada right through to his solo work. If you could bottle his voice it would be Tennessee Honey Jack Daniels.

Paradise has all the makings of an alt-rock supergroup, but let’s see. They are on tour this autumn and I’m excited to see for myself. Let’s catch this phenomenon in its earliest phase.

The 1st single ‘Goodbye 21st Century’ is available now.

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