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Editorial No. 3 : Scots Corner (Part I)

We Scots are proud of our musical heritage. Granted, we have unleashed some god-awful bands on an undeserving world. But for every Proclaimers we’ve given a Mogwai or Aereogramme, for every Del Amitri there has been a Primal Scream or Jesus & the Mary Chain – and you cannot blame us for Snow Patrol, they are Irish and just happened to re-locate to our land. Yes, we’ve given you Lulu, we’ve given you the abominations that are Darius Danesh and Marty Pellow, but we’re also responsible for Alex Harvey, Robin Guthrie and Frances McKee (Kurt Cobain’s idol no less). You say Sandi Thom, Amy McDonald and KT Tunstall and I’ll throw Ian Anderson, Boards of Canada and Bon Scott right back in your face.

You get the picture; Scottish music has helped shape and define numerous scenes and genres worldwide. From the C86 sounds of BMX Bandits and The Cocteau Twins ethereal shoegaze through to Alan McGee’s Britpop revolution and Mogwai’s classic quiet/loud post-rock formula. For such a small nation, Scotland’s output is nothing short of exceptional.

But what’s happening north of Hadrian’s Wall in 2009? Well, that’s what this article intends to bring you. The bands that are making all the waves, the biggest noise, the most unique sound. We intend to prove its not all about Haggis, Bagpipes, Whisky, Irn-Bru and kilts. Part 1 features five bands from different areas, spanning several genres that are currently making a splash. A new wave of brave, challenging Scottish musicians if you will.

On a side note to touring bands, there’s some 5,000,000 people in Scotland (yes really!) please start to include us in your tour intineries and grace us with your prescence in our top class venues once again and contribute to a thriving music scene.

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