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First Glances – Loma

Loma is the new project by Shearwater‘s Jonathan Meiburg and Cross Record. It is purported to reveal:

“a band obsessed with songs as much as sound. There are endless details to discover here, stoked by the album’s urgent and searching lyrical themes. On headphones, the album feels both intimate and expansive, like casting your eyes over a detailed painting on a vast canvas.”

Meiburg got to know Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski on Shearwater’s 2016 Jet Plane and Oxbow tour, an extensive period of travelling that saw the supporting act share van-space with their headliners. Meiburg fell in love with the duo’s sound. The rest, as they say, is history, albeit a very interesting story that goes above and beyond the calling of any normal band bio. To cut and paste the entire 1000-word feature feels dishonest. Instead I’d urge readers to follow the link provided below.

In the meanwhile, have a listen to ‘Black Willow’. The self-titled debut album will be released February 16th 2018 on the Sub Pop label.

Band photo credit – Bryan C Parker

Loma at Sub Pop