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The Society – The Night Ship EP

Almost everyone I knew at University had Seduction by The Danse Society. Strange to think how a 6 track mini-album became as legendary as Unknown Pleasures or Metal Box, at least within the most elite circles of post-punk followers. Were they Goth? Not only. They could be gothic, sure but never confined to that gloomy pigeonhole. Within their musical frames of reference you’ll find an appreciation ambiance, dub reggae and even blues (they covered The Rolling Stones on their second album Heaven Is Waiting). It makes for a more fully rounded listening experience.

Fast forward 35 years and factions of the band continue now as The Society. Paul Gilmartin has assembled a group of passionate and like-minded musicians to continue the bands legacy. Crucially, this continuation is not limited to live performances of beloved oldies. The Society exist to write and perform new material also. The Night Ship is one such example. Opening track ‘Tears’ has that feeling of ‘instant epic’. The synth ‘call out’ is so simple but so very effective. Vocals are right on point and Elliot Wheeler’s colourful splashes of guitar illuminate proceedings. ‘Medicine Man’ is more urgent, insistent, driving. It’s another lost ‘genre’ classic this one. Ade Clark (bass) keeps the proverbial pedal pushed to the metal as we surge forwards.

‘Live In Your Light’ is dubby and more experimental. It’s chaotic at times and I really like that aspect. The EP ends with the title track and this one is Goth with a capital GOFF. A twinkling refrain kicks us off and we’re propelled into a swirl of echoing vocals and downward scales. When I say downward, honestly you could descend to the cellar on these babies, but I’d light some candles first. Really impressive stuff from The Society here. The Danse Society are well and truly reincarnated now and the newer material easily stands alongside the famous tracks of old.

The Night Ship EP is available at The Society gigs. Lead track ‘Tears’ is a free download at the bands website and Bandcamp.

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