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Project Midnight – The First Encounter

Project Midnight are the sort of bubble-gum metal act, that conform to all the right clich├ęs starting with taking themselves too seriously. Some of the songs could be OK if they had decent lyrics and a bit more of a tune to them. In fact, they’d be more to my liking if they were in German and not English at all, like the band’s website.

I’d like the drummer to swap his double-pedal for some decent cymbals as well.

It’s rather heard-it-all-before and to me offers absolutely nothing new.

The last track introduces a bit of variety with not only a girl singing, but also a fair variety of scene changes that easily make it the outstanding track on this otherwise fairly bland album.

And please make an effort with the press release – it’s about as UK-Punk as Avril Lavigne (says he generously)

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