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Label Focus: Foetal Orange

Foetal Orange was founded by Jack Hunter , bassist in Welsh Anarcho-Prog/Kraut ensemble Strap the Button , in 2007. Initially known as My Formica Table , Hunter was forced into a name change as his tiny imprint was found to cause “detriment to the distinctiveness and reputation of the Formica trademark”

While this is a completely true story, it should not blight the history, or the future, of this label. More of a collective of free-thinking individuals who share ideas and artistic endeavors with one another (and anyone else for that matter) the helter-skelter story of Foetal Orange is inspiring.

Hunter talks to [sic] Mag about his label, which has grown via non-profit promotion despite its minuscule size and the ludicrous obstacles it’s been forced to navigate. Their roster of (free) releases features some truly exhilarating recordings, from deliciously eclectic outfits including Prog power trio Port Elizabeth, Crippled Black Phoenix member Team Brick and special documents of Hunter’s own projects.

[sic] Mag : What influenced you to start your own label and how have your values differed from your original aim?

Jack Hunter: (pictured below)The official mission plan reads as follows:

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