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Last Of The Easy Riders – Unto The Earth

While it may justifiably feel like certain backroads of America are stuck in another decade, time unquestionably stands still at this particular saloon for Rocky Mountain longhairs Last Of The Easy Riders patently haven’t heard any record made since about 1975. From their 2016 EP to this debut full-length, the gloriously unpretentious music they play has that classic country-rock sound too and consequently it feels like Unto The Earth has been around as long as the hills from whence it comes. That doesn’t make it any less charming though, nor enjoyable, because Last Of The Easy Riders are a very good band, their output deeply pleasing. Their only aim is simply to be, however, and not to purposefully excite and that comes across in their laidback, sepia-toned melodies and retro AM psych-rock.

This is not an album made only by fans of The Byrds though, but also by ones of The Eagles and The Allman Brothers, The Doors too when the wheezy organ gets a little crazy on album closer “Woodland Echoes”. As such, every high-altitude jangle and lilting peel of pedal steel is balanced by Southern rock motifs and literal West Coast free-wheeling. The stand-out “Easy Alameda” thus combines a blissful chorus with big piano chords for supremely satisfying vintage vibes, while the title-track and lead single deploys its own strong chorus against beautiful guitar dappling. More rocking, there’s a storm brewing on spaghetti Western “Shadow Cruiser”, the inevitable thunder and lightning delivered via electrified licks. Amidst swooning vocal harmonies, “Turn The Tide” even looks across the pond for swirly organ riffs straight from The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. It’s pretty safe to say Last Of The Easy Riders are never gonna change much, but their willingness to look beyond the obvious bodes well.

Best track: “Easy Alameda”

~Unto The Earth is out now via Agitated.~