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Jübl – Thinking Sweet EP

If you know your music, then the answer to ‘What’s cooler than cool?’ was never ‘ice cold’.

It was always A.R. Kane.

Alex and Rudy invented dreampop and they did so, seemingly, (and appropriately) in their sleep. Hopefully readers will have already enjoyed our recent interview with Rudy Tambala. During that piece Rudy expanded upon his new project Jübl. Personally I see Jübl as a continuation of A.R Kane. Rudy was even more candid during the interview. Whether reboot or re-brand a precise classification for Jübl is moot. What’s of more relevance is the music itself. We’re back folks. They’re back.

It’s almost as though they never went away.

A pledge campaign across A.R. Kane’s devoted fanbase facilitated this EP’s existence and did so rather effortlessly which is encouraging. What we have here is essentially a two-hander ‘single’ plus a third track which reprises both as a blissed-out medley. ‘Thinking About You’ kicks off proceedings. I’d place this toward the ‘Nu Clear Child’ era of Kane, perhaps with a slightly more urban feel. There’s a laid-back, summertime vibe to this one. I imagine sipping a cocktail on Rudy’s rooftop Limehouse terrace (this part is made up btw) overlooking the Thames, and everyone hugging each other. No drugs required because that’s just how we roll, people.

You get the idea.

‘Sweet Dreams’ is more minimal, like an outtake from the Love-Sick EP or one of those shimmering segues from the i album fleshed out into ‘whole track’ concept. ‘Thinking Sweet Fusion’ is the mix that I already mentioned and it works surprisingly well. No suggestion of filler here. ‘Thinking Sweet Fusion’ quickly reveals itself as a highly creative take on the previous music, bridging the two parts with a scree of guitar effects.

Sweet Candy Kane.

They’re back everyone. Call it what you will. A.R Kane, Jübl. I call it bliss.