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Hammock – Floating World / Snowburn

Nashville ambient duo, Hammock, have unveiled another digital only ‘single’, Floating World.

Lead track ‘Floating World’ contains plenty of trademark Hammock tranquility and awe. I’m put to mind of a peaceful horizon just before sunrise. Gossamer vocals breathe delicate motifs against the familiar backdrop of Hammocks hymnal music. Flip side ‘Snowburn’ is more song-based in structure, although the track remains suitably dreamy. Both pieces are required listening for ambient fans and a no-brainer purchase for Hammock followers.

Floating World/Snowburn is the second such release for Byrd and Thompson following on from The Night You Caught On Fire/Clinging which was released earlier this year. Indeed 2018 is already a terrific year for Hammock following the release of their vaunted collaboration The Summer Kills Last Night We Became Swans (with Matthew Ryan) and the Repeat/Texture EP.

Whilst the music on both single releases is solid enough I’m not convinced by the artwork for Floating World. Apparently the sleeve art is by Rubens Ghenov and is entitled ‘Roji Marwa’. It is probably fine in itself, but I find it out of step with past Hammock releases. The typeface pushes the whole thing in an Ultravox direction and I’m just not sure that works. That said, for a download release with no physical product whatsoever this is almost inconsequential.

The Summer Kills