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2018 Artists Picks – Beauty In Chaos

[sic] asked some of our favourite artists for their album picks of 2018. The results, as always, were sporadic and wonderful.

We hope that you enjoy this series of feature articles. You will find the lists and thoughts of the artists below as well as a sprinkling of videos from their selections.

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Beauty In Chaos

2018 was a wonderful year for music. We released our ‘finding beauty in chaos’ album, which I was blessed to be able to work with some amazing artists! I will cheat slightly on my top-10 list as a couple will be technically from late 2017 and a few in particular will be released in early 2019, but I have been privy to hear. I guess all is fair in love and music.

1. The Awakening ‘Chasm’.

Simply love Ashton’s voice and lyrics. This record has some elements of his solo work with blended with the dark edge of The Awakening.

2. Evi Vine ‘Black / Light / White / Dark’.

Here’s one of my cheats as I have got to hear a few tracks from Evi’s upcoming brilliant release. The debut single, ‘Sabbath’, with The Cure’s Simon Gallup is a masterpiece. I look forward to working more with this amazingly talented lady.

3. Ride ‘Tomorrow’s Shore’.

‘Vapor trail’ is one of my all-time fave track, and their new EP is really really good without sounding like ‘90s. A must listen

4. MGT ‘Gemini Nyte’ .

Good songs by two dear friends. Mark introduced me to both Ashton Nyte and Wayne Hussey …. Mark also does a great remix for us on next album.

5. Ummagma ‘LCD’

Technically late ’17, but I didn’t get to hear ’til recently so who’s counting! Cool and ethereal RP with fantastic mixes by Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie and Curve’s Dean Garcia.

6. Marilyn Manson ‘Heaven Upside Down’ .

Yeah I know, another late 2017. Guitarist/Producer Tyler Bates did another amazing job as it did with Pale Emperor to make Mr. Manson a force again.

7. The Dollyrots “Whiplash Splash’ .

Great power-punk-pop from this husband n’ wife duo!

8. Garbage “Version 2.0 Official Remixes’

Topping off my Shirley Manson infatuation (as my wife would say). Cool remixes from this great ‘90s album.

9. Ministry ‘AmeriKKKant’ . Though I don’t always agree with Uncle Als’ politics, this record is somically brutal and mixed by BIC Producer Michael Rozon.

10. Slowdive ‘Dead Oceans’.

Another calendar cheat, but a great album from this very influential band … love the single ‘Star Roving’.

Honorable mention HUMAN DRAMA ‘Broken Song for Broken People’. First studio album in over 10yrs from the band I co-founded in 1980. Good songs and the match that lit the fuse of BEAUTY IN CHAOS.

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