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2018 Artists Picks – Crooked Ghost

[sic] asked some of our favourite artists for their album picks of 2018. The results, as always, were sporadic and wonderful.

We hope that you enjoy this series of feature articles. You will find the lists and thoughts of the artists below as well as a sprinkling of videos from their selections.

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Crooked Ghost

And here be my Top Ten of 2018 🙂

Ruby Throat : Baby Darling Taporo.

“Released digitally at the beginning of 2018, the latest offering from KatieJane Garside’s band Ruby Throat is just heavenly. A beautiful and strange album that will leave you drifting along a haunted seascape. Also Elizabeth, Daughter Of The Above is just too beautiful for words”

Kristin Hersh : Possible Dust Clouds.

“The newest record from Throwing Muses frontwoman Kristin Hersh is daring and fresh, full of all the elements that made you fall in love with her other bands and then some. Her honesty and passion on this record is unparalleled. The lead single No Shade In Shadow is brutally honest and one of her best tracks to date.”

Rasputina : None But The Lonely Heart

“Anyone who is a fan of Rasputina or it’s mastermind, Melora Creager knows that when an album of new material is released, you buy it immediately because it may be gone in 5 minutes. Rasputina’s newest limited edition mini-album None But The Lonely Heart is very intimate and precious. Comprised of covers and re-worked classical arrangements, it shows Melora trying new instrumentation and rockcing an incredible cover of Patti Smith’s Redondo Beach.”

Polly Panic : Losing Form

“The raw and emotive cello rocker from Asheville, NC has continued to win my heart with her delivery and passion. Her newest album is full of hard-hitting, to-the-bone songs and ballads that will be stuck in your head for days. The knock-out opener Annie is fabulous, and the deep and dark mourn of Precious will make you cry. (in a good way) A top album of 2018 for sure!”

Wyla: Mean

“The newest EP from Black Mountain, NC natives Wyla is definately their best work yet. Melodic and emotional indie rock with dynamic builds, heart-felt lyrics, and some of the most well-crafted songs I’ve heard in years. How The World Goes ‘Round is a beautiful head-trip that will make you swoon.”

Mazzy Star : Still

“Mazzy Star is a band I could never get tired of. Hope Sandoval has always been a favorite of mine, and this newest EP especially shows that time has left them completely untouched. The single Quiet, The Winter Harbor is a tender and angelic song that will bring you to tears, while their spooky psychedellic re-working of their 1993 title-track So Tonight That I Might See is just out of this world. A stellar EP through and through.”

Belly : Dove

“When Belly announced a new album, I couldn’t believe it. I knew it was going to be good, but this record is truly amazing. They pick up right where they left off in 1995, with Tanya Donelly and crew creating dreamy and melodic pop songs, sparkled with acoustic guitar and some pretty stellar drum work. Stars Align is upbeat and bright with that classic Belly feel, while the more heart-felt tracks like Quicksand and Starry Eyed bring on a more cozy vibe.”

The Breeders: All Nerve

“This is by far one of my favorite albums of the year. A great band, through and through. Kim & Kelley Deal have seen a few line-up changes over the years, but their most recent line-up is actually their most recognized and clearly, the most magical. Teaming up with their bandmates from their 1993 mega-successful Last Splash album, The Breeders are back in top form. The title track All Nerve is beautifully melancholic, with the haunting Metagoth featuring lead vocals of the ever-so-cool bassist Josephine Wiggs. I love this album so much.”

Pylon Reenactment Society : Messenger / Cliff Notes

“I had the pleasure of seeing Pylon Reenactment Society a couple summers ago and was completely blown away by them. Their original incarnation called Pylon had completely slipped under my radar somehow, so I am glad to be able to live my love of them vicariously through this band. Vanessa Briscoe-Hay is in top form here, with her signature snarly vocals and emotional delivery on two brand new songs, her first all-new material with the new band. The song Messenger has a killer bassline with Vanessa’s emotive delivery, turning into growls giving you chills. The b-side is fun and upbeat and everything you’d expect from a new reincarnation of Pylon. Go see them live if you can!”

Morbids: Mayday

“Another local favorite from the Black Mountain, NC area. Morbids never cease to amaze me. This year they released a brilliant psychdellic-post-punk EP called Mayday, which is a follow up to their full length In Absentia, released last year. Angular riffs, distorted melodies, with a polished indie-pop sheen. If Sonic Youth and Bahaus had a baby, it would be these guys. This EP sounds big and bright, with dark art-punk stand-outs like Slow Burn grabbing you by the face and not letting go. A must listen.”


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