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2018 Artists Picks – HOLYGRAM

Putting together a list of 10 Top albums in a band like HOLYGRAM is quite a task. The diversity in our selection surely reflects the different musical backgrounds of all 5 members but also the facets of our debut album ‘Modern Cults’ that was released this year. While we spent the first half of the year recording the album and therefore circulating in our own musical universe, the second half was dominated by a massive tour covering Europe and North America. Driving in a van all together usually gives the driver the right to choose the music: it is everybody’s chance to introduce the rest of the band to their new discoveries.

PabstChlorine Boy

Very catchy album from this Berlin based band who combines garage, indie and 90s grunge, my kind of perfect summer soundtrack.


Perel creates a perfect fusion of classic Motorik, German state of the art techno, NDW voiceovers and even elements of African rhythmics. Thereby it stands for everything that inspires my own musical approach lately.

Rendez-VousSuperior State

Rendez-Vous’ debut album shows what French underground music is best at: take several styles and mix them until you have something of its own kind. Very refreshing post-punkish band without any gothic reminiscences.

International MusicDie Besten Jahre

The band totally blew me away with this album. I just think the versatility of the record is amazing and the lyrics are just awesome.

John MausAddendum

John Maus’ productivity and creativity is just infinite. I love his quirky nature and these melodies that immediately burn into my brain.

MGMTLittle Dark Age

Neopsychedelic 80s sound kaleidoscope. rhythmic, varied and full of great pop moments.

A Place To Bury StrangersPinned

I love all the sounds created on the record. Especially the song “Situation Changes” gets stuck with me, just ingenious. Beautiful relaxed flip out.


I saw them at this year’s Fusion Festival without having heard of the project before. I was totally blown away and during the concert I fell into a deep hynposis. Listening to the record afterwards was a total relief because unlike my expectation it’s just as good.

Die Wilde JagdUhrwald Orange

With ‘Uhrwald Orange’ the Berlin-based one-piece Die Wilde Jagd succeeds in creating a unique up-date of German Kraut-infused music à la NEU! with a certain medieval touch. The lyrics of ‘Ginsterblut’ are german neo-romantic without any kitsch.

Human TetrisMemorabilia

Together with the drums and a singing that makes you feel at home right away + the beautiful minimalistic melodies of the guitar that alternate with warming chords. I really like the sound of this record.


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