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First Glances – L. D. Moses

What do you mean you weren’t there? An early-doors slot last year in support of city-mates FEHM in an underpopulated backroom of a tiny pub in Manchester and up stepped L. D. Moses to outshine the rest of the bill so brilliantly that those few that were present came away mumbling forgotten memories of seeing The Cure, The Sound and Echo & The Bunnymen in similarly dingy basements many moons before. There’s pedigree in Leeds of course, but L. D. Moses side with gloomy contemporaries like Eagulls rather than having the out-and-out spikiness of Gang of Four.

“Close As The Ceiling” is about to be released on cassette via Ramber Records and, a fractured reflection on a failed relationship, its tightly coiled jangles and drizzle of guitar are all achingly familiar, the pained vocal taking unavoidable cues from Robert Smith’s miserable yelp as it goes. Far from filler, the slower tempo “Interval”, then crowds its marching drums and forlorn choruses on the flip so that they crumple in on themselves as the track begins to swell under the effect of Ocean Rain. It’s not too late to get on board. We strongly advise you do.

~The “Close As The Ceiling” cassingle is released on cassette via Ramber Records April 26th 2019.~