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Dreamtime – Tidal Mind

Tidal Mind is the sound of shamanistic five-piece Dreamtime going missionary, their rhythmic rituals taken out onto the high seas in search of new lands on which to preach their weighty grooves. Leaving behind some of the Brisbane band’s more exotic ragas in order to travel light, this forth full-length outing both condenses the focus down to a consistently liquid form of psychedelic expression and yet also continues to twist the kaleidoscope as new and strange cloud forms crowd the horizon.

Swelling from intangible beginnings to become waves of hard-hitting percussion and soloing guitar, “Emerald Sea” pounds the shore accordingly, a frothy surf of soothing synth using this raw power to smooth pebbles from the rubble. Earlier, “Mourning Star” sinks through the mesopelagic zone to pull from deeper depths still, its krautish indie initially coming on like The Horrors before melting into cosmic tones and melodious whale song.

A constant stream of high-end guitar and dangerous undercurrents, “Of Nautilus Descent” then drops out entirely to mysterious chant at the sight of land. Dark bass work heralds the heavyweight title-track before Dreamtime can drop anchor though, the track’s destructive percussion cruising into view like a pirate war-party, a Gothic vocal blackening the skies further before the album enters calmer waters to close. In Dreamtime and their mind-melting missives the local head-hunters may just have met their match.

Best track: “Tidal Mind”

~Tidal Mind is released May 17th 2019 via the collaborative efforts of Cardinal Fuzz, Little Cloud, and TYM Records.~