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Oceans Of The Moon – S/T

Way back when John Dwyer was fronting the questionably named Pink & Brown when he still lived in Providence, Rhode Island he used to hang with perennially interesting dudes like Rick Pelletier of Six Finger Satellite and many other projects. The more electronically inclined, cyber-punk tripping of La Machine was another such outlet and it’s here where Pelletier’s new squeeze, Oceans Of The Moon, picks up.

The blood running deep between Dwyer and Pelletier, Castle Face naturally does the honours here, hoovering up these eight cosmically charged tracks’ rickety proto-punk structures and spitting them back out into a weird, wiry funk that’s all elbows on the dancefloor. Louche grooves prowl the back-streets looking for trouble, harsh metallic chords recorded confrontationally high in the mix. Pelletier’s yelp gets caught in the minimal flow, blatant noise projecting out from the buzzing undertow as rudimentary synth-punk churns away to the accompaniment of heavy hitting percussion that goes full tractor-beam to pull you on over to the dark side. And, on album highlights like “Borderline”, those sawing synth parts and sharp guitar angles contrive to deliver an angry, primitive and quite unique form of no-wave boogie. Elsewhere, these experimental sounds are simply as out-there as the project’s well-chosen name suggests.

Best track: “Borderline”

~Oceans Of The Moon is released July 12th 2019 via Castle Face.~