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Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember – S/T

You get the impression the serious heads over at hard-psych label Cardinal Fuzz might think Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember are bit of light entertainment, a summery listen even suitable for sticking on the stereo when their mates come over for a barbeque. And, relatively speaking, the Cardiff rockers and their debut LP are just that, the frontman’s swaggering indie vocal and some distinctly poppy melodies making this self-titled release quite a catchy listen all in.

Named after a New Age health cult, Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember are not your average garage-rockers though as, cranking the bass distortion to dangerous levels and engaging wah-pedal overdrive, they frequently churn out a dense racket far more in keeping with expectation too. While there may be acoustically strummed, back-masked oddities, lonesome harmonica and high-intensity droners to cleanse the palate as you go, blown-out motorik, walls of scree and whooshing space-rock remain the order of the day nevertheless.

Consequently, a hard-hitting track like “Subsonic Dreamer” bares it teeth before dropping out so hard you fear for its college years. In turn, “Great Vibrating Sounds” builds from nebulous ambience to dreamy psych to a huge, coruscating fuzz finale that’ll really blow the cobwebs away. Another distorto jam, the 12-minute “Walk With The King” applies liquid wah like a pressure hose to cut through the clattering noise. What’ll stick longest in the memory though are the surfy sounds of “Surely They Know?” that get wild with wub-wub synth patterning, backing woo-oo’s and shaggy percussive repetition. It’s as if The Beach Boys finally got tough and started kicking sand in the faces of all those posers over at Muscle Beach. Fun but serious, light but dark, this is an album to satisfy any craving.

~Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember is released September 6th 2019 via Cardinal Fuzz.~