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Anunnaki – Immanentize The Eschaton

Digging deep into the dictionary (Immanentize The Eschaton means trying to bring about the heaven-like stage of the Apocalypse) and requiring equally deft pronunciation skills, psychedelic post-rock band Anunnaki are an instrumental behemoth from the darkest reaches of British Colombia. And, comprising just Dave Read (Moths & Locusts) on guitars and effects and Arlen Thompson (Wolf Parade) on drums and synth, Immanentize The Eschaton – again recorded live with no overdubs – is their latest in a series of releases short on track number and long in length.

The every-intensifying formula presents few surprises, each of the album’s three tracks building from ambient beginnings to crushing crescendos, the longest offering, the 21 minutes of “Demiurge” – all of side B – doing it three times in fact to cover the full Anunnaki spectrum of pulsing cosmic radiation, then throaty bass, frenzied wah and drums that drop like anvils, and finally on to tense string drone.

The same tricks are treated to a range of spacey FX, tenebrous guitar strokes and darker fuzz tones on the opener, “Procession” in turn first whistling like tinnitus down the ear canal before a steely melody creeps out of the ether, percussive repeats nurturing an embryonic groove. Always finding another level, fuzz blasters heave into view half way through the mix, destructive scree ripping the track’s climax apart, some seriously sludgy nod toasting the closing exchanges as the taught mass unravels at the seams. It’s a remarkable yet strangely beautiful racket from just two people, the eschaton achieved.

~Immanentize The Eschaton is released October 18th 2019 via Cardinal Fuzz (EU) and NoiseAgonyMayhem (North America).~