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First Glances – Mercylane

Mercylane is the new project from Austin Lynn Austin, former drummer with the seminal, 90s, Alt Rock act The God Machine.

Since the end of The God Machine, Austin has taken his time over returning to the music business, living in London and dabbling in film production. He has now returned to California foregoing sun-blasted San Diego for the shade of the mountains.

While Austin clearly has plenty to express he remains somewhat daunted by the legacy of his former band. The God Machine finished in unfortunate circumstances (see feature article) but that does not prevent the surviving members from being rightfully proud of the work they achieved together. Put simply, for Austin this is like putting on a pair of running shoes for the first time in 27 years when the previous time you wore them, you won the Olympic Games. Luckily music isn’t a competition sport. It is an artistic expression.

Somebody once said (of their own secret solo efforts) “I was in awe of [frontmans] songs and I was intimidated. I thought it was best that I kept my own songs to myself”

That someone was Dave Grohl.

So come one and all, God Machine fans, Sophia fans or just music fans, simply. Lend your ears to Mercylane. I think debut track ‘One Day’ has an American Gothic heft that brings to mind luminaries like Mark Lanegan. It is its own thing. Not the same. Not different. Just a cracker of a rock song in my opinion. Austin performs everything on ‘One Day’. He also produced it. The crisp mastering job is by Alex Crescioni and it is as sure-footed a debut as I can remember.

Sometimes the drummer has something to say.
Who knew?!!!

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