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Cloud Factory – # 1 EP

It had to happen sometime. And, thinking about it, it was never going to happen in the UK, was it? Cloud Factory are from Toulouse and #1 is, obviously, their debut EP, five neat songs influenced by indie-pop, post-punk and – here it comes – Britpop. Don’t wince though, for in the capable hands of frontwoman Alice Cyprine, it’s rendered something quite nostalgically charming, punky guitars delivering a more complex ear-feel than the saccharine bounce you may be expecting.

Featuring members of the similarly styled bunch of garage slackers Cathédrale, the perfectly formed “Amnesia” is a combination of scratchy guitar tones, brooding post-punk and effervescent indie to kick things off, Cyprine’s seductive accent contorting into a more combative shout as the track’s depths swirl and grumble under the scrutiny of kosmiche repeats and feedback. What follows is arguably simpler, but rarely is it less effective, spindly indie-pop led astray by buzzing synth, more melancholy melodies standing their ground against a tide of ticking motorik and lo-fi fuzz.

Wise enough even during these early exchanges to avoid overdoing the cute stuff, Cloud Factory are in a constant battle to find balance, tender guitar parts picked over by a throaty groove, Cyprine’s coquettishness pitted against crunchy guitar coruscation. And it’s this solid spine that gets their #1 EP over the finish line, its poppy dressing a luxury to enjoy from this steady base.

Best track: “Amnesia”

~Cloud Factory’s # 1 EP is out now via Howlin’ Banana.~

Howlin Banana Records · Cloud Factory – Amnesia