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Timelash – A Morphology Of Wonders

Whoosh! Planet Earth nothing more than a blue speck in the rear-view mirror, Timelash sees out-there Chilean multi-instrumentalist Embassador Dulgoon partner up with psychedelic shaman Grant Corum, whom we last encountered on these pages on a deeply trippy Million Brazilians record, their debut album under the name Timelash almost entirely as you’d expect, yet simultaneously and surprisingly restrained for a clash of tribal exotica and otherworldly sci-fi tension, A Morphology Of Wonders’ dizzying cast of characters often rendered serenely ambient.

The primordial, organic mysticism of Embassador Dulgoon’s Hydrorion Remnants, reptilian choral movements included, thus swirls into Corum’s cinematic scrambling of digital code, the very building blocks of planets ripped apart in the tectonic shift, primitive life sent scurrying back into the soupy, amino-rich seas. The Tipler cylinder duly reset to zero, synthesisers lap on some distant pebble shore, thunder rippling across a double-moon sky. Cosmic drift and playful whistles undulate on the surface, wheezy organ bubbling through the midnight zone below. A weightless gloom then begins to consume the listen, a drizzle of marine snow settling on the abyssal plains.

Pulling a hard right, we’re suddenly back in the claustrophobic tropics by way of VR immersion, the forest floor pulsing with insect drone and skittering bird song, binary-scrolling broadcasting the image in surreal technicolour. Chaotic chimes collide like free electrons after the Big Bang to herald a period of watery, experimental meditation that hypnotises like twinkling bioluminescence, a breathy dub somewhat incongruously – even in this environment – embracing the closing exchanges as if in the arms of some omnipotent Creator. And A Morphology Of Wonders is no accident; it is all intelligent design, esoteric genius writ large and uncompromising just beyond the horizon.

~A Morphology Of Wonders is released on vinyl February 22nd 2021 via Aguirre Records.~