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Collin Gorman Weiland – Now & Thus Suite

Spend a lot of time on the Minneapolis underground and you’re likely familiar with Collin Gorman Weiland through his solo releases as Roy Orb DMT, Camden, or as part of the Daughters Of The Sun group. Your more casual listener may only know the Moon Glyph house mastering engineer through his work with the four-piece outfit Leisure Birds however, which is handy as Weiland’s solo work doesn’t fall far from the tree. Accordingly then, his new album, Now & Thus Suite, is like Leisure Birds’ excellent Tetrahedron undergoing some much needed R&R at a weekend retreat, his trademark love of geometry, physics and interstellar travel largely blissed-out to experimental ambience.

What follows is thirty minutes of nebulous synth drift, soothing pipes and digital corruption latterly ensuring this remains a serious step-up from steamy massage music. Disembodied piano, hammers heavy on the wires, and melancholy strings warp at they pass through the space-time flux, this forlorn odyssey chopping manipulated choral parts into the mix like cross-channel interference, skittering retro-futurist keys blossoming into life like time-lapse flora.

On 18-minute statement “Heaven’s Reference”, suffocating drones trace out a slow-motion melody, sentience writ large in chemtrails across the magnitude of the outer reaches, desperate probes streaking into the void echo-locating friend or foe. Suddenly a scrambled reply, multi-tracked beeps, the signal settling into coded sequences that initially make sense only mathematically, slowly revealing themselves to be a peace dove as they progress, the receivers finally picking up the feintest semblance of human speech in the transmission suggesting that this may once have been the work of mankind.

An engaging and transportive dose of New Age ambience, the Now & Thus Suite is a product of splendid isolation and the unique vision of a singular mind.

~Now & Thus Suite will be released June 25th 2021 via Moon Glyph.~