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Bitcrush – Dead Corners (single)

Bitcrush – Dead Corners

Bitcrush is the solo project of n5MD label founder, Mike Cadoo. While Cadoos label is dedicated to the more emotive IDM artists the Bay area multi-instrumentalist (who also releases music as Gridlock and Dryft) sees his Bitcrush guise as somewhat of an outlier. With Bitcrush the listener receives a powerful blend of post rock and electronica, nugaze, if you will, but of the most vital kind.

Though we don’t typically cover singles we sometimes feel compelled to do so. One of those sometimes is distinctly now. ‘Dead Corners’, the A Side here is a rocket fueled thrill ride – six minutes of mighty, stratospheric propulsion the likes of which I haven’t experienced for a while, probably since n5 alumni Lights Out Asia on their 2012 release Hy-Brasil. Companion piece, ‘On Infinite’ feels related to the A side as though we launched from the same spot but went off in a whole other direction. Its Spanish hacienda ‘call out’ humanizes proceedings before the whole thing explodes with muscular fervor.

I’ve missed Bitcrush since their last outing Collapse. It’s has been one of the labels most ‘me’ projects. In saying that, I’m not even sure this single is released on n5MD. The blurb says published by.. but the label is cited as ant-zen. It matters little. To make your comeback with this level of surefootedness and heft is pretty remarkable. Imagine Mogwai’s Helicon in the hands of, say, God Is An Astronaut. That’ll get you close. That may even get you beyond the earth’s atmosphere. Just take care not to burn up on re-entry.

Check it out, it’s great.

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