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First Glances – The Institutes

Introducing….The Institutes, a four piece alt-rock band from Coventry. Nodding affectionately toward the nineties, these lads will shortly release their debut album, COLOSSEUMS. That’s a big, bold title in keeping with the groups propensity for soaring, arena-sized anthems. Think Exit Calm, Verve, Haven and Fossil Collective but also think The Las, Shack and The Coral. Music fashions come and go but a great song is timeless and The Institutes have CHOONS running through their veins. Only time will tell whether their combination of angst-rock and Britpop will catch the zeitgeist of today. All I’ll say is…..catch The Institutes today because these boys could go massive.

COLOSSEUMS hits stores on Friday 15th October. I will be at the front of the line. Here’s a taster, it’s the teaser single, ‘Alleyways’. Enjoy.