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JARR – Talking About X

JARR – Talking About X

As we featured in our First Glances series, JARR comprises ambient guitarists Jon Attwood (of yellow6) and Ray Robinson (Woodwo), hence the J.A.R.R moniker – picking up the initials of both mens names. Compared to Attwood, Robinson could be considered a mere novice in the world of post-rock and ambient music. Better known for his screenplays and novels, Woodwo first ventured into the realms of music as recently as 2018. Nevertheless his nascent work has already garnered serious traction among aficionados and critics alike. Woodwo himself was inspired by the works of Attwood and Yellow6 whose releases number well into the three figures. I gather he reached out to Attwood to give his positive feedback and that’s where the seeds of collaboration took root. Talking About X is already the duos second album.

The JARR partnership feels like a natural fit to me and this album certainly attests to that. With 9 pieces stretching out to 50 minutes run time Talking About X is certainly given room to breathe. What we find is a record that is simultaneously reflective and hopeful, weighty but accessible. Most compositions here eschew percussion of any kind and veer toward contemplative guitar meanderings. These tend to be spacious and melodic, oft accompanied by swirling, nebulous drone. Like episodes of Friends (thank me later Jon) each piece is called ‘The One Who…’ etc. ‘The One Whose Sister Died’ has an appropriately melancholic familiarity about it (and is achingly beautiful). Yet at other times there’s a harsher edge to give the album that bit of muscle. ‘The One Who Never Knew’ is a good example of this, its blasted tones reminiscent of shoegazing or even early His Name Is Alive. I was impressed overall. Hopefully they can continue this intriguing project.

Oh, and to cap it all off it’s released by Sound In Silence, the loving specialist label with the handmade cards and inlays.