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Stuart Adamson remembered.

Stuart Adamson.
Tribute by DJ KID.

Twenty-one years ago today, (Dec 16th) the music world was rocked by the news of the Scottish rock group Big Country lead singer’s death. Stuart, who had previously experienced drinking problems, started drinking again after having been sober for over a decade. After going missing, he was found dead in a hotel room in Hawaii. According to a local police report, he had died hanging himself with an electrical cord from a pole in a wardrobe. Although I’d experienced death in my family, I felt a great sense of loss personally when Stuart died.

After moving to Dunfermline in 1982, where I lived in Elgin Court, I would get to know Stuart as he and his wife Sandra bought their first home together only a few doors away. Not long after, they would go on to have their first son Calum whom I looked after on occasion for the couple. My Mum, the manager of Lunn Poly in the Kingsgate shopping centre, booked all their holidays, so we had a good relationship with him. Stuart’s sister Kim also moved to Elgin Court.

I vividly remember watching Big Country perform on Top Of The Pops from my house in May 1983; from then on, I was a fan of the band. I chose my record label name, Restless Natives, from the Scottish film of the same title in which Big Country did the soundtrack. When I used to get asked to sign flyers and posters at events, I would sign – “DJ Kid – In A Big Country Dreams Stay With You”, – which I’m sure puzzled many a raver when looking at it in the cold light of day.

In September 2011, a commemorative bench to Stuart was unveiled at Pittencrieff Park Dunfermline. It was paid for by fans and is inscribed with some of his lyrics chosen by fans in an online poll. Whenever I visit the town, which used to be the capital of Scotland by the way I go to the park and sit on the bench.

Not only was Stuart a great man with such a kind and caring soul. He was also a true craftsman in the art of songwriting. Family, friends and, of course, Big Country fans like me miss Stuart. You’ll be able to read more about my time spent living in Dunfermline, my love of the band and my own issues with drinking in my autobiography.

This tribute was first posted a month ago on its author, DJ KIDs social media pages and reposted here with kind permission. Lead photograph is from the Dunfermline Press. If anyone knows the photographers name please contact us.

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