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Label Focus : Gizeh

Initially incepted, by Glissando’s Richard Knox, as a means to release his own band’s music, Gizeh has since blossomed into the label we know today. Bringing acts such as Post-Rockers Detwiije and the monumental Her Name Is Calla to prominece, Knox has built Gizeh with guts, determination and desire.

An influential core of the Leeds scene, one of Europe’s most vibrant musical cities, with a number of ‘homegrown’ bands to be found on their roster, Gizeh has spread its wings over the last year or so adding an international flavour to the imprint, with Belgian chantuese Sleepingdog and haunting Americana-Folksters Trespasser’s William joining the fold.

A label not afraid to take risks, as evidenced by the forthcoming posthumous release of Redjetson’s ‘Other Arms’, Knox tells all in the latest installment of [Sic] Mag’s Label Focus .