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Mercylane – Mayday EP

Mercylane – Mayday EP

God Machine alumni Austin Lynn Austin has unretired himself from the nasty old music biz and put together this new project Mercylane. We already featured Mercylane in our First Glances series – see link. According to Austin the new EP combines 3 songs from his time living in Twin Peaks and opener, ‘Countdown’, the early fruition of his Arizona period. I especially like ‘Ten Miles’.

In his words:_

“Mayday is here! Really glad to present some music that represents the journey in my / our life. 3 of the 4 songs come from the period I lived in Twin Peaks. Countdown bloomed from our inspiring first steps in Arizona. Now that we are settling in and our Blackhook studio is evolving, we are looking forward to a regular release schedule. I have a lot of songs I’m really excited to share with you all. I’ve had to come full circle in life and realize again how much music matters to me. Mayday comes with a bonus 23 page (pdf only available on bandcamp) photo booklet giving you a glimpse into this world I’ve been navigating and some of the environments that inspired the music.”

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