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Allman Brown – Second Son (Part One) EP

Allman Brown – Second Son Part One.

This EP arrived in the pre-Christmas rush period and I almost missed it. I actually read the subject as Allman Brothers. No disrespect but Allman Brown is a whole different proposition to the Florida Blues legends. London-based Brown weaves soulful balladry and a dab of 80s synthpop into his folk-inspired landscapes. Second Son is the first segment of his upcoming new album. I’m not sure why he is releasing it in this way, whether the EP is exactly half of the album or the album tracks will differ? What I do know is that it is seriously good. The five tracks here each feel like an A side.

The EP bursts into life with Your Nature, particularly its chorus which is as beautifully sung as it was cleverly composed. Call Me On is the obligatory power ballad while Bad Blood is another snappy, radio-friendly unit shifter – imagine a more electro David Gray or Ben Howard. Next track, Breathe In, Breathe Out is peppier with little synth twinkles that somewhat recall Steal My Sunshine. Finally Bewildered closes the EP in style – yet another potential chart infiltrator which again pays off on its glorious chorus.

Damn, this guy understands choons!

As Bewildered strums to a standstill the EPs closure feels almost abrupt. That’s 20 minutes and yet it doesn’t feel sufficient somehow! I need the album now – the entire thing. Maybe that was the whole point? I didn’t know Allman Browns music prior to this. We never received his previous album and in truth he probably isn’t an obvious fit for us. His music is uplifting and therapeutic with universal appeal. He should be having colossal hits and I should hate it. Yet the vocals and songcraft are so good that I feel like one of those panellists on The Voice spinning their chair around in awe. I want you Allman Brown! I’ll coach you, make you a star! Brown doesn’t need any of those things. Not from me. He’s doing a pretty good job all by himself.

Hats off Sir.

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