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Her Name Is Calla – A Blood Promise

There was a collective gasp round these parts when, late last year, Her Name Is Calla announced they were going on a hiatus after only a handful of, albeit brilliant, singles and one promising EP. Thankfully, the batteries appear to have been recharged in record time and one of Britain’s most exciting bands are moving forward once more.

Well not quite, “Blood Promise” is more of a stop-gap CD/DVD release to keep us ticking over. On the audio side, we’re treated to a stirring live performance of ‘Nylon’ (the actual footage appears on the DVD) and two interesting demo tracks that appear to have been recorded in a garden, given the clearly audible bird chirps. Vocalist Thom Morris is the dominant force on both sounding like Thom Yorke more than ever on the sorrowful title track. The ghostly lament of ‘Pour More Oil’ offers the most promise, a heady mix of striking orchestration and gospel like chants bringing to mind a more melancholic Grails.

The DVD is a bit of a mixed bag (aren’t all they all?). Top moments occur with fascinating footage of the band rehearsing the monumental ‘Condor and River’, the frankly stunning, must-see video for ‘New England’ and that aforementioned precocious performance of ‘Nylon’ at the Holy Trinity Church in Leeds. Elsewhere, we’re treated to the usual band hi-jinks, tour anecdotes and general tomfoolery along with some beautiful photography. Despite the band’s best intentions to show they are not as dark and introverted as their music suggests, this section is purely for the hardcore fan.

Either way, it’s great to have them back and my appetite for Calla has been well and truly whetted for more. Act fast, as this package is limited to just 300 copies