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Diamond Day – Connect The Dots

This review was brought to you by the letter D.

Diamond Day are a dreampop duo from Montreal, Canada comprising Béatrix Méthé and Quinn Bachand. I was alerted to these guys by an American buddy, himself something of a ‘Diamond D’. (Nice find Kurt D.) As soon as he pitched this to me I was intrigued. In their own words Diamond Day are “reshaping shoegaze into their hazy electro dreamworld.” It’s a perfect summary actually, a cool precis of a band whose tastes and leanings may be obvious, yet whose own personality is distinct and fresh. Yes, they are at the dreampop/shoegaze end of the sonic spectrum but Diamond Day are adding some stardust of their own and giving things a twist.

After a brief snippet of dialogue we are off and running with the title track, ‘Connect The Dots’. This is a bright, breezy affair putting me in mind of the Danish band Mew. Methe’s high-octane purr is a softer, more feminine take on Jonas Bjerre’s already cherubic tones. ‘Fiction Feel’ continues the progressive pop/dreampop vibe, Béatrix’ gossamer vocals taking centre stage once again. The ‘twist’ that I mentioned comes in the form of the production which is far more electronic-leaning than either Mew or any of the notable dreampop acts. There’s an indietronica element – think Morr Music label – and some of the glitch work even borders upon IDM.

If the start of the album sounds like Frengers produced by M83, the material then become hazier, edging closer to Beach House/Cocteaus territory. ‘Not Going’ is particularly saturated with miasma while ‘Come Over Here’ powerfully evokes Cocteau Twins in their latter period. ‘Noisemaker’ is another Scandi-pop sounding effort with fizzing fx but it manages to wrong-foot the listener delightfully. The compositional style is recognisable but our Québécois use of electronics sets them aside from the crowd.

At just 30 minutes Connect The Dots may seem short but it is oh so very sweet. In fact all these songs seem to glisten and swell. Like the original artwork (also by Béatrix) the music itself is the sound of surface tension made beautiful. It’s as though someone dropped a bottle of bubble mixture, a cassette of Loveless and a shed –load of Skittles into a Jacuzzi, then sat back and enjoyed the ensuing chaos. After all, who doesn’t like bubbles? So pretty, yet so ephemeral – we chase them around, laughing and gasp when they burst. We will do the same thing with Diamond Day. Theirs are the comforting sounds of Canada – delightful, pretty and just waiting to go ….pop!

Editors Note: All musical and lyrical composition is credited to Bachand and Méthé. However other musicians contributed to this debut long player, namely Ariane Brunet, Oli Bernatchez and Jérémie Carrier. Connect The Dots is out now.

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