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Universal Cell Unlock – Quasimodo The Streetsweeper

Entering the world of Psychic Sounds, be it for the first or hundredth time, feels like stumbling down some rabbit hole to Underland, an eerily familiar zone that resounds in liminal abundance. One does not simply breeze through these uneasy fields however; each dose requires total immersion and the trust that at some point, somehow, you’ll resurface.

Leaving a trail of out-there recordings in his wake since 2021 under his Universal Cell Lock guise, Christopher Forgues is back with another forty minutes of experimental sound collage/composition that really drags you deep. An exercise in close-mic’d ASMR, isolated chimes and leaden drum-echoes complement rippling sheet-metal, scraping and rattles. Reverb filling the ears with ambient noise, a haunted zen settles, old plumbing expanding and contracting late at night. Imperfect loops propel the increasingly busy palette forward, insistent tapping and a percussive thrum devolving into digital corruption.

An errant poltergeist then roams on the netherworldly flip, communicative percussion lolloping out of the woodwork, musical form pulsing in and out of focus as the contents of drawers rustle, window blinds sway and power tools turn themselves off and on. In the adjacent stable, guttural gate-hinges creak in the face of bestial bellows, its occupants devouring themselves under possession. Dropping out to bloodfall on undulating drum skins, uprooted teeth bounce haphazardly off strings, a static hum bedding the unsettling cacophony.

Not recommended listening when alone and in the dark for fear of opening a portal to the unknown, Quasimodo The Streetsweeper is an unblinking Charon across dark waters. Trust him only because you have to.

Psychic Sounds · Universal Cell Unlock 'Quasidmodo The Streetsweeper' preview