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First Glances – The Stilted Lodger

First Glances – The Stilted Lodger

The Stilted Lodger is the current performing moniker of Jeff MacKey who worked previously as Writ On Water. Like all of the most interesting artists The Stilted Lodger is tricky to define. I’d say ihe makes dreampop with a twist. Off-kilter melodies take us to places that are surprising rather than obvious. There’s a psychedelic element, jazzier/post-rock parts and the merest hints of darkwave. However in no way does it approach gloominess or even gothic. His is a beautiful fog of ideas, within which we stumble disoriented, arms outstretched, ready for a fall that never comes.

The experience is rather agreeable.

Fever dreampop then, and it comes in spades. The debut album, Caught in Mischief Unplanned is out now containing 17 (yes) varied and excellent tracks.

For fans of Dif Juz, Robin Guthrie, Butterfly Child, Lanterna, yellow6….


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