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Scenius – Breezing Through it

Another new single from those dashing contemporary synthpop darlings, Scenius. We’ve covered Scenius before, of course. However, for any newcomers, Scenius are comprised by Fab Nau, and Steve Whitfield. Both of the duos albums have featured in my annual round up as well as a sprinkling of standalone singles. I’m not sure whether this latest cut will end up gracing a long-player. Let’s assume not and extoll its virtues anyway.

I’ve called Scenius subversive in the past. I stand by that. Some have bracketed them with the darkwave crowd. Fair enough. Steve, after all, has produced the likes of The Cure. However don’t let that put you off if you’re less into that scene. Steve and Fab don’t dress especially Goth. The music is not doom-laden, but rather cool and sexy. Think Depeche Mode circa Violator. They subvert in a number of ways. You have the ‘kinky content dressed in a danceable pop-song’ thing, most obviously. We also have the robotic vs human dynamic which is inherent in all synth music. In spite of that commonality there’s a wide spectrum of approaches to that human element. It can be alienated and dispassionate a la Gary Numan, or warm and soulful like Moby, Soft Cell or many of the Vince Clarke vehicles. France-based Fab sounds perfectly human and sings beautifully but there’s an edginess to his material that makes me think he’s the real mechanoid.

The new song is called ‘Breezing Through It’. If I know these boys just a tiny bit the title is probably ironic, meaning that our narrator is anything but breezing through ‘it’, whatever it is.

Take a listen here.

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